Monday, January 6, 2014

Still Bringing in the Grapes

Another scene from the Morrison Lane vineyard owned by Lee Ann Hughes.  I am going to do another show at Saviah, where in the summertime, they have a lovely fresh vegetable and flower garden to the direct east of the winery building.  I took pictures last Fall as
it was just starting to get frost nipped.  Saviah Cellars is one of the valley's success stories with Rich's talent for winemaking winning appreciation all over the US.  They have a good situation for art as they don't have a lot of clutter and provide good light.  It's fun to be planning new paintings for their spaces.  Look for that coming up in April.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Having Fun With Dogs

Canis Major rises in prominence in the skies in Winter and all kinds of miracles happen.  These two have been beamed down to the Northstar Winery in Walla Walla on this special Christmas event.    My paintings will be at Northstar through Jan 25.  Also, I have prints and cards at Walla Walla Furniture Co. and Book and Game..Cougar Crest Winery!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

New Paintings begin for 2014

Patina Vineyard just East of where I am was harvesting and I was invited out to take pictures.  The owner walking in the upper right, was all over that day, on tractors, moving loads out, checking progress.  The very next day there was a big freeze, so they got done on time.  The grapes were beautiful, but of all the pictures I took, I decided the people were the most interesting, intent on getting the work done.  Because I like bicycles, I put one into the scene and I saw flowers along the roadside to add in also to add color.  The mountains were changing color too.  This is called 'Working the Harvest-Edge of the Vineyard'.   It is a companion to the other painting I recently posted on Facebook.  They are each 24" square and done in acrylic.  They are currently on display at Northstar Winery, south of Walla Walla.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

New Art Show Northstar Winery November 29

We're all in the kitchen this Thanksgiving morning, raiding the last of the fresh food we were able to put away from this summers garden, and preparing the tofurkey or whatever main dish is to be featured for the day. 
I woke up to see that Andy Porter's article about me and my cards was in the Union Bulletin today, along with Greg Lehman's photograph.
It was a thoroughly pleasant experience to have the interest of the UB and to meet these two great people.    I am appreciative of their interest in my greeting cards and they also mentioned my show opening at Northstar Winery tomorrow.  I will be there from noon to five and the winery is also featuring their special vintage syrahs with cheese pairings and live music.  I'll have a small trunk show of some cards and posters during the day.
Book and Game has my newest designs as of yesterday.  I am sorry I have no Christmas cards this year, but have some ideas from people for next year to consider making special Christmas messages from Walla Walla.  Come see my new paintings and enjoy the day out in the beautiful Walla Walla countryside!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Art Squared at Charles Smith Winery October 4

Each artist enters 10 pieces, and there are 60-some artists.  They are all 6x6" and a good buy at $36 each.  The preview is an hour and then you can buy.  Check out the ARTWALLA website for details.  Here's one of mine that will be there.  All images posted by artists are copyrighted.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Painting a House

So exciting for a painter to have such a large area of surface to work upon to make a statement that fits into the world it has around it.
Altho I didn't do the actual painting (this wonderful friend and my husband did all the work) it was imposed upon me to 'hurry up' in my mind to choose the scheme and fit it into the neighborhood.  We have had nice comments from passersby and some said it was green.   I still don't see the green but I know all of us see colors and forms and just about everything differently.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Image to Come

Drive by, our house painting got finished.  Here we are in progress, with Grady supervising the situation.  Let me know on Facebook if you want to come and visit.